10 Easy Family Moving Tips

10 Easy Family Moving Tips – Moving somewhere, such as to another country or another city, may have its own reasons for a family or individual.

The reasons vary, ranging from extreme weather, unfriendly environments due to many crimes and many more.

When moving in with a large family, it can be a challenge for your family and movers. We put together several ways that you can efficiently prepare and pack your family’s belongings ahead of a moving day.

1. Reuse the original box for electronics and equipment

Speaking of moving boxes, don’t forget to reuse your old one. From TVs to blenders, most electronics and small appliances come delivered in cardboard boxes.

If you happen to still have these boxes, we recommend reuse them to move. This not only ensures that your items will fit perfectly in the box but also saves you money.

2. Find additional boxes to move in for free, at the recycling point

Don’t pay more for your hard-earned money to buy an empty cardboard box. Instead, look for a free mobile box at your local recycling drop off point. Chances are, you will be able to find many cardboard boxes that have been thrown by neighbors.

3. Obtain quotes from at least three different moving companies

Don’t hire the first moving company you interview. Instead, try to obtain quotes from at least three companies to compare prices and services. When interviewing a moving company, make sure they are properly licensed and insured. For more advice on what to ask your movers when interviewing them.

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4. Get extra cashback movers

Look for extra offers from moving companies, but do not reduce the quality of service. This will be a point plus for you, to save your money.

5. Take photos of your belongings before packing them

Make sure you photograph each of your valuables, to ensure you can claim damages for damages or negligence of the officer or the moving company

6. Have lots of water bottles on-hand when moving

Maybe you when packing to move, will experience thirst and want to drink. You should prepare a few bottles of enough drinking water, as long as you pack.

7. Choose a moving schedule in the middle of the month and not on weekends

to avoid expensive fees to move around, never choose a time on weekends, even the end of the month. Moving on weekends when demand is highest will definitely be more expensive.

Rental rates of moving companies and trucks are likely to be lower on Monday through Friday. They also tend to be lower in the middle of the month compared to the first and last weekends.

8. Place a tracking device such as Gps (Android Or iOS)

To keep track of where your stuff is at all times, try placing an iPad inside one of the boxes that is loaded onto the truck. You should be able to use the “Find My iPhone” tool to track where your iOS device is at all times, which will also tell you where your belongings are located.

9. Check the goods when the goods have reached the new destination

Make sure you check your goods first, before signing the approval of the goods has arrived. This is to avoid you in damages such as unable to claim damages and others.

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10. Save the Box you have used, to allow it to be reused

Once you’ve opened all the contents in the box, you’d better save the box again. To make sure you move again at a later time.

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